Dali Zensor 3 Bookshelf speaker - Black Color (Come in Pair)

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 DALI ZENSOR 3 is a part of the award winning ZENSOR series. The ZENSOR 3 is developed and built to sound much larger than it actually is. Using a 7” woofer based on the technology from the ZENSOR 7 and the tweeter module from the ZENSOR 1, the ZENSOR 3 is able to recreate the high frequencies, the mid range and the low bass in the best possible way.


With a clear heritage from our high-end series, the lightweight dome tweeter offers best in class resolution.


This mix paper pulp and wood fibre makes the cones stiff and light which ensures that every micro detail in the signal is reproduced unfiltered.


By choosing every driver component with great care, we make sure that no signal is lost or changed on its way through the loudspeaker. Through very low mechanical loss, the most fragile sound details, even at very low listening levels, are preserved.


Every driver used in the ZENSOR series is designed by DALI engineers. Only this way can we ensure that the DALI sound principles are preserved.


Product series: ZENSOR
Frequency Range (+/-3 dB) [Hz]: 50 - 26,500
Sensitivity (2,83 V/1 m) [dB]: 88.0
Nominal Impedance [ohms]: 6
Maximum SPL [dB]: 108
Recommended Amplifier Power [W]:25 - 125
Crossover Frequency [Hz]: 2,600 Hz
High frequency driver, Quantity:1 x 25 mm
High frequency driver, Diaphragm type: Soft Textile Dome 
Low frequency driver, Quantity: 1 x 7"
Low frequency driver, Diaphragm type: Wood Fibre Cone 
Enclosure type Bass Reflex 
Bass Reflex Tuning Frequency [Hz]: 46.0
Connection Input: Single Wire 
Magnetic Shielding: No
Recommended Placement: Shelf or stand 
Recommended Distance From Wall [cm]: 5 - 30 cm
Dimensions With Base (HxWxD) [mm]: 351 x 205 x 293
Weight [kg]: 6.3
Accessories Included:
Rubber Pads 
Optional Accessories: White Grille 
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