Home Theater Room Acoustic Treatment - Cloud Series

RM 12,300.00

Home Theatre Acoustic Treatment - Cloud

The Home Theatre Cloud package brilliantly combines the Cloud 2C Cloud Diffuser and EQ50B Walleasear for a special sound treatment that optimizes the audio quality of your room. This room solution is carefully designed to allow for a clear listening of your audio content. What you get is the best sounding audio delivery from high-performing, well-chosen sound equipment. 

This package includes:

Cloud Diffuser X 9 Pcs

EQ-50B Walleasear Diffuser X 9 Pcs


Contact:  Sungai Wang Plaza             03-2143 9406 , 2110 0608

              Damansara Utama               03-7662 5418

              One Utama Shopping Mall   03-7726  6893

              Sunway Pyramid                   03-7492 8551

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