SoundBox HiFi Room Acoustic Treatment - Cloud Series

RM 19,995.00


 Hi-Fi Room Acoustic Treatment - Cloud


Level up your listening experience with this comprehensive sound solution for your room.

With an aim of giving you amazing quality for your listening requirements, we've created the best possible combination of equipment that deftly integrates cloud and peak diffusers as well as a high-performing walleasear. Hear the difference in how you experience sound in your room with this Hi-Fi cloud solution. 

Package includes:

Cloud Diffuser X 9pcs

EQ-50B Walleasear Diffuser X  9Pcs

5Q Peak Sound Diffuser X 9Pcs

Available Colors:

Light Brown

Athena Green

Ivory White

Dark Brown


Contact:  Sungai Wang Plaza             03-2143 9406 , 2110 0608

                 Damansara Utama               03-7662 5418

                 One Utama Shopping Mall   03-7726  6893

                 Sunway Pyramid                   03-7492 8551


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