Soundbox Living Room Acoustic Treatment - QRD Series

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Living room acoustic treatment - QRD

The Living Room QRD package is made up of the D80 Fuseaser and EQ50T Walleaser. The effective combination of these two products diffuses sound powerfully to solve sound dryness in small rooms while at the same time absorbing broadband frequency sounds in the process.


Room Dimension: 12 - 30 sq. meter Semi-open living room and study room

Combination property: 75% broad band frequency absorption, 25% mid to high freqeuncy diffusion

System: Stereo Hi-Fi / Multi-Class Home Theater 

Application: Decorated room DIY Installation

Package includes:

EQ50T Walleaser Acoustic Panel X 3 pcs

D80 Solid Wood Diffuser X 2 pcs


Contact:  Sungai Wang Plaza             03-2143 9406 , 2110 0608
                   Damansara Utama               03-7662 5418
                  One Utama Shopping Mall   03-7726  6893
                  Sunway Pyramid                   03-7492 8551

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