Optoma HD86 Full HD Projector

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ThemeScene has created a Home Cinema projector of the very highest home cinema picture capability. The Optoma ThemeScene HD86 Projector couples professionally tuned image processing to incredible light and shade detail only possible with its class leading 700:1 ANSI Contrast ratio.

The Optoma ThemeScene HD86 Projector offers a new level in performance. Exceptional ANSI contrast, full lens shift and ultra high performance optics with 3 lens options are combined with superlative signal processing featuring PureMotion2 frame interpolation and extensive CMS and color gamut control. The Optoma ThemeScene HD86 is designed to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding home cinema enthusiast or simply those who require the finest possible image.

Optoma ThemeScene HD86 Projector is designed for ease of installation. Supplied in two formats, version 1: will offer a traditional 1.25x zoom whilst version 2: without standard lens; will offer the choice of three optional lenses. In addition to short throw (0.77:1) and long throw (1.93 -2.9:1) lenses, ThemeScene will offer an anamorphic lens for fully automated Constant Height Projection

The latest developments in Image processing are integrated into the HD86. Optoma's second generation of frame interpolation technology "Puremotion2" provides fluid and natural moving images by eliminating judder and motion-blurring. The Dynamic Black feature controls contrast for high impact viewing and a fully user-adjustable 9 step iris and choice of preset color gamuts make this projector Optoma's most versatile yet. Of course, a full range of analogue and digital inputs is included, including 3 x HDMI v1.3

The Optoma ThemeScene HD86 Projector features Optoma's highest grade, hand selected Pure Optics and available in Standard, Long and Short throw options, all with full lens shift, the Optoma ThemeScene HD86 provides pin sharp, crystal clear images in any room. An optional Anamorphic Projection Kit provides a unique "fit and forget" fully automated solution for Constant Height projection.

  • Optoma ThemeScene HD86 Key Features Unsurpassed 1080P DLP picture quality

  • 3 Interchangable Lens Options -Standard - Long - Short throw
  • Realistic Measurable Contrast Performance of 700:1 ANSI Contrast.
  • Pure motion 2 eliminating motion judder and blurring
  • Optoma ThemeScene HD86 Specifications Native Resolution 1080P (1920 x 1080)

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