Usher Audio BE-718 DMD Speaker

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Be-718 Diamond DMD

The Be-718s redefine the price/performance ratio for high performance monitor speakers. Featuring Diamond DMD tweeters for smooth and extended highs, and a new paper cone mid-woofer for an engaging midrange, incredible bass, plus room-filling power and articulation.


Introducing the Global Design Project Be-718. These captivating, high performance monitor speakers are engineered with the finest hand-picked components sourced from around the world. We always look for the absolute best price/performance ratio from our suppliers wherever they are, creating real value for you. Our Global Design Project is the key to the Be-718's Amazing Sound and Surprising Value!

The Be-718 story begins with MusikMatters visiting high-end dealers to learn what their customers really wanted. It seemed clear that everyone's looking for easy-to-place great sounding monitor speakers that look as beautifully finished as they sound. Plus one other small thing: They have to offer outstanding value! That's not asking too much, is it? Working closely with Usher, and in a surprisingly short time, the latest addition to the Usher Dancer line appeared, the Tiny Dancers!

Just how global is our design project? The high technology drivers, crossovers, and perfectly timed-aligned cabinets are designed and built by Mr. Tsai Lien Shui at Usher Taiwan, with finishing cosmetics supplied by a firm in the United Kingdom. Dr. Joseph D'Appolito, Usher's long-serving technical consultant, provides crossover tuning here in the 'States. Crossover parts and JPS Labs internal wiring are made in the USA. Design wizard Danny Richie, of Texas based GR-Research, boosts the stock crossover's performance to unprecedented levels by selecting premium crossover parts, altering parts values, re-tuning baffle step compensation and smoothing out the speaker's vertical off axis response.

The Be-718s feature beautifully-crafted and lustrously-finished cabinets plus advanced tweeters for smoothly extended highs. A new mid-woofer controls and articulates the bass, providing a solid foundation for an open and inviting midrange. The integration, extension, solidity, speed and clarity of the Be-718s uncover low-level detail usually lost in the noise floor of less resolving speakers. They are certainly one of the finest and most satisfying values on the market today.

Audition the Be-718 and find out why everyone's talking about our Global Design Project and their Amazing Sound and Surprising Value!

JPS Labs Alumiloy internal wiring
Front ports for easy placement
Dancer-style best quality speaker terminals
Cosmetics redesign by Kam Young in the UK

Retuned crossovers featuring all new/upgraded parts as follows:
Erse high-purity oxygen free copper air-core inductors
Mills resistors
Erse poly caps
Gen.2 Sonicap


2-way System tweeter 1.25" (9980-20BEA), mid-bass 7" (8948A)
Sensitivity 87 dB @ 1 watt / 1m
Nominal Impedance 8 ohms
     Frequency Response (-3 dB)      42 Hz ~ 35 kHz
Power Handling 200 watts
Crossover Frequencies 2.06 kHz
Weight 37.9 lbs
Dimensions (w x d x h) 10.2" x 16.9" x 15.2"
Shipping Weight 82 lbs
Shipping Box (w x d x h) 24" x 19.1" x 18.9"



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